Monday, 31 May 2010

What would you be to shy to give to a charity

I was reading a blog about making a million from a pound and it reminded me how i have often thought if everyone who said they thought the Wear Valley & Darlington Cats Protection was a great charity and how they loved what we did gave just 50p or a £1 it would make such a huge difference.

Oh dont get me wrong I think the people who do donate to our branch are fantastic, I just wonder why some people who would like to support a good cause, any good cause it doesn't have to be Cats Protection often say they just cant afford it.

People are almost embarrassed to just give a pound, they will put it in a collection box but say when it comes to face to face or in the post its as if £1 isn't worth bothering with.

Now i think that's is totally not true as if they all just gave that £1 it would soon add up to a great amount. I dont think we should underestimate even in todays high prices just what a pound can do.

Then I think well what about me what do I give, apart from my time that is, then of course would I be embarrassed to say here is a £1 for Cats Protection ?

I also know i get heartily sick of all the adds asking for £2 a month direct debit so I am not suggesting that just say a £1 a yr off 52 people = a months food and litter for a Kitten

What do other people think ?

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