Saturday, 4 February 2012

Warm food and water for the ferals this morning (not as iced as yesterday) they were really nutcase fly the walls ferals but I have been stroking three of them for a few weeks now, two feral placements didn't materialise and we were disappointed. Now there is one huge ball of hair - he aint cold in minus7 coats are so thick its amazing. Strangest thing happened this morning, i was stroking his back as usual trying to work my way under tummy and as if am going to lift, now normally that would be a step to far for him but this morning he rolled ( yes rolled) and let me stroke his tummy in fact he encouraged me to purring away he wasn't pleased to see the food he was actually pleased to see me! I love Feral Cats! now new dilemma of course he cant go to feral home but can i find someone to believe he is a love bunny once he knows them:-) wish i could get picture of him but if camera is in my hadn he bolts as its a foriegn object :-(

update : got some pics using my phone