Sunday, 20 January 2013

George thinks its Christmas

 We can only imagine how uncomfortable George was before he was abandoned, unable to see and in pain from eye infection. Well today George feels much better and is enjoying playing with cat nip Santa.

Friday, 11 January 2013


George has to have operation on his eyes and hernia so back Tuesday otherwise all fine all tested clear of FIV and FELV.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Dumped like yesterdays rubish!

 At first glance they may appear in good condition but don't be fooled because they aren't ;-(
So what happens to the ones not saleable from the kitten pedlars? they get dumped that's what and experienced cat rescuers don't need a crystal ball to know what's happened here. So anyone who has bought a kitten from these type of people who let the cats have kittens just so they can sell em will have bought a flea, worm an ear mite bundle probably taken to early from mum. While the parents are dumped like rubbish at the side of the road!! I know exactly what situation these dumped cats have come from. ginger tom oldest has bad eyes unneutered aproxx 2/3 yr old ginger tom 18mt/2yr ear mites, unneutered Blue tortie queen approx 2/3yr old recently been feeding kittens (not the 2 six monthers with her but younger kittens) skin an bone dirty. ginger queen 6mths old wormy skin an bone too tabby tom 6 mth old wormy skin an bone.

Mother of 6/8mthers and likely the 18mth old ginger, still trusting, full of milk so been feeding young kittens recently. skin an bone, wormy an grubby face.
 second ginger boy also booked at vets later in week, ear mites and also high risk FIV
 tabby tom approx 6/8 mths very afraid but friendly. very thin

 ginger queen approx 6/8mth very frightened but reassured by presence of the matriarch. very thin.

 Eldest ginger boy has bad eyes, booked in to vets later in week for neuter an blood tests. high risk FIV

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Adopt an Adult Cat Wear Valley & Darling ton Cats Protection branch

While kittens are adorable they really aren't kittens for long, please consider adopting an adult Cat. We need to home adult cats to empty pens for others who need our help!
5 cats dumped in a taped up cardboard box (with a couple of air holes) outside local kennels this morning. Thank You Vicky for liaising with kennels for me, we will be collecting tomorrow :-(
adorable friendly young queen fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped. adoption fee £50...
Wear Valley & Darlington
Lovely queen, fully vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped....
Wear Valley & Darlington
Absolutely stunning looking Maisy looking for her forever home, she has had a very hard life. her ears are damaged due to previous ear mites but all ...
Wear Valley & Darlington
friendly loving young boy fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped , flea treated, wormed,...
Wear Valley & Darlington
Adorable Cindy is very loving once she knows you mean no harm. neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped adoption fee £50...
Wear Valley & Darlington
Milly mum cat very sweet used to be quite shy but coming on well she just needs time to trust that special new owner, neutered, vaccinated and micro ...
Wear Valley & Darlington