Friday, 28 May 2010

The Week

Well its been an odd kind of week but then aren't they all ;-)

Monday and was still waiting for my new grandson to be born, he was due 17th May and still isn't here but come Saturday my daughter goes into hospital to be induced so he will hopefully arrive this weekend.

Monday also saw me go out on a Cats Protection mission, we had got a call from a community support worker saying one of her clients had a cat and newborn kittens in the garden, apparently the cat had just laid in the garden and given birth, no shelter or hiding place and some of the kittens had already died. So after phoning the woman and getting all details including her telling me the cat was friendly not wild etc off we went.
On arrival I discover the cat was feral but not crazy feral as some are, she was quite curious but wouldn't let me pick her up and darted off when i approached, so a cat and mouse game ensued where I placed kittens in open cage and waited for her to go in, closer and closer she got but didn't quite make it.
As we stood there the neighbour told me how a man in the street fed all the strays and I saw around 6 young cats myself, this mum cat was only about 6mths too. The street backed onto a railway embankment which was dense with trees and undergrowth which told me this inexperienced mum cat had been caught by surprise when the kittens came otherwise she would have made a nest elsewhere.
After about 20mins the woman decided she was going to see the guy who fed them to see if he could pick mum up.
Well this guy arrived and was aggressive from the word go, he asked me what i was doing etc and told me to leave them alone, then proceeded to say i could neuter them if i liked. Well we don't need go looking for kittens which i told him as he berated me for even touching them. So a long story cut short I left, no other thing for it, he was adamant he knew more than me so I had no choice but to go. I must say i was a bit sickened off as I do this voluntary and was responding to a call for help giving my time free. I did tell him we would neuter them all and the kittens needed handling but he was adamant mum would abandon them if they were touched, which is rubbish, as he had read it on the Internet. Well time will tell what happens with that one but i suspect we wont hear anymore till around next year when this 8 cats have become 80 and suddenly they aren't so cute anymore.

Come the end of the week though and Thursday saw us take in this little one
isn't he adorable ? he was heard crying at the back of a bus stop and further investigation by the finder revealed this feral kitten but young enough to be tamed and he is already making good progress. Infested with fleas and quite thin we are sure some TLC will see him on top form soon.

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