Monday, 3 May 2010

About EMDR

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About EMDR

How Does EMDR Help to Resolve Problems?

People have the inborn ability to process disturbing events and feelings. In most instances, the brain reprocesses painful information over time so that it is stored in our normal memory system without any symptoms. In normal circumstances, the individual can access memories without being unduly stressed. However, there are instances in which the brain becomes overwhelmed and isn't able to process the memory in an adaptive way. The memory seems to become frozen" in our mind, and the painful images, thoughts and feelings associated with the event seem to be "locked" in the nervous system, often out of conscious awareness. These memories then have a lasting negative effect; influencing the way we see the world, react to everyday situations, and relate to others.

Whether the traumatic experience is physical or psychological, if it is so overwhelming, you may freeze or disconnect from the experience. This protects you from the terror you feel, but it also prevents you from moving on. These feelings stay outside of your conscious awareness in their original intensity.

EMDR helps to unlock painful and negative memories, and helps the brain to more effectively reprocess old information so that it becomes less debilitating. The use of bilateral stimulation of the brain via eye movements and sound allows for a resumption of the normal reprocessing so that images, sounds, thoughts, and feelings can be experienced without undue upset and disorganization.

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