Friday, 5 October 2012

Adopt from Cats Protection

people are advertising kittens for £40 and they are selling, so why would people prefer to go to someones door hand over £40 and take kitten than adopt a rescue one for £60 which will have had full health check, Vaccinations, micro chipped, provision for neutering made, as well as flead and wormed and insured for 4 wks ? is it because they don't want to be vetted ? is it impulse?

Rehoming a kitten is not to be undertaken lightly – our video below will show just how mischievous they can be! But the joy and love a cat will bring to you and your home is definitely worth every minute of the commitment required.

If you can give a CP kitten or a cat a loving new home, please get in touch with your local branch or centre today.

Thanks so much...

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