Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its a wonderful life!

Willow (above) getting spayed tomorrow,just finished rearing her kittens and will be  ready for a home she so deserves a second chance after having her kittens in a derelict garage and having to fend for herself. She is very friendly and loving cat.  

Three torties vaccinated and a random woman cat taken to be spayed tomorrow , also tomorrow pick up four black feral from fosterer Julies then to vets to be neutered on Tuesday, three torties spayed Wednesday. 
Must remember fosterer Emma wants Litter and fosterer Julie cat food. Sort vet bill for kitten coming to Julie tomorrow, Julie also getting mum and 10day old kittens, 2 kitten 10wks and odd kitten possibly 14wks + latter been one mum chewed tail off and aforesaid vet bill multi cat house cant pay :-(

Thursday being filmed by CP for social network training film.

Have granddaughter Tuesday too with eldest staying over night and to be dropped of for school Wednesday.

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