Thursday, 1 November 2012

No Cute Cat Pics today

No Cute Cat Pics today, no today its a lecture, to the people that think kittens can be bought, swapped given away, to the people who think neutering isn't important, to all those people who don't take responsibility for the life of their pet, who get a kitten on impulse!
Stop and think about the cat over population, no a cat doesn't need to have a litter before you neuter, no there aren't enough

good homes. A un neutered cat has to go out to find a mate, what happens to it out there, it may not come back, it may have gone so far following the call of nature that there is no return so its spends its life breeding and scavenging, its off spring are feral and their lives are also spent breeding and starving as there just isn't enough food available. If they are lucky a charity comes along to help them, people who give their time free go out and trap and neuter and rescue the kittens. No these people aren't folks with to much time on their hands they all have lives, families, work commitments but Cat welfare is so important to them they find the time to mop up the mess made by the irresponsible. No doubt some will say oh here she goes again patronising us, we cant afford vet bills, we cant afford neutering, we just trying to help by advertising kittens for homes on gumtree or facebook, all our kittens go to good homes, well sorry but a lot don't go to good homes and a good home isn't someone who will just love the kittens its someone who realises the responsibility they are taking one. This morning i watched as a 7wk old kitten took its last breath, not the first kitten I have watched die nor likely to be the last and yes its makes our small band of volunteers angry as well as sad as it could be avoided! Must add the kitten wasn't PTS it died before the vet could even prepare the injection, inbred and born into filth it didn't stand a chance!.

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