Thursday, 7 June 2012

June is National microchip month

A very clever video from Cats Protection showing the importance of micro chipping.

Lost and found...ten years later | ITV News

A cat that went missing for more than ten years has been reunited with his owner thanks to a microchip.
Twelve-year-old ginger tom Nuts went missing from his home in Froggatt, Derbyshire in 2001 and after desperate searches proved fruitless, his owner, Bunny McCullough, gave up hope of finding him.
However, a ginger tom was brought to Cats Protection’s Chesterfield and District branch after an elderly lady who had been looking after him passed away. A routine scan for a microchip revealed his true identity and he was reunited with Bunny.
Bunny said: “I was amazed and delighted to get the call to tell me Nuts had been found. I had long given up hope of seeing him again so I was a bit bemused to say the least! Nuts was very subdued for the first two days back home.
"However he quickly recovered his old character and he runs around the house like he’s never been away. If I hadn’t had him microchipped I would never have found him or known what happened to him.”

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