Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In memory of Steven Ralph Midgley

 photo of Steven copyrighyt Ian and Clare Midgley 2011(C)

Ian and Clare Midgley presented the Wear Valley and Darlington Cats Protection with a cheque for £250:00 in memory of their son Steven Ralph Midgley. Steven died suddenly on September 5th 2011, aged 31. He was an accomplished musician and song writer, but his first love was for his cat Kia. She came from the Cats Protection in Shildon in 2000. Throughout Steven's periods of ill health, Kia was a close companion and would cry if Steven was not at home.
A couple of years ago years ago, Steven decided that Kia needed a companion and brought in Nellie, who was rehomed from the local vets. He called the cats his 'girls' and his 'daughters' and they gave the whole family joy and affection. Now that Steven has gone, Ian and Clare are comforted by the presence of his cats, and are delighted to be able to support other cats and kittens that aren't as secure as Nellie and Kia. 

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