Thursday, 18 August 2011

update cat flu kittens:

update cat flu kittens:
Got mum trapped and spayed this morning, she tested clear for FELV 7 FIV last kitten now at ladies house with medicine, other 5 seen by vet one not expected to make it but i have told it nothing is dying on my watch so got fluids and simicat down it overnight and so far still breathing so where there is life there is hope. Other four, two are ok on antibiotics and one like deathly one is on fluids but it is bright so no imediate danger, vet fell in love with one which was one of the ones eating though still poorly and I said "yes" she can have that one:-) so she is giving that one a home. So I am left with the four here, 2 eating, one dehydrated but taking fluids and one I am fighting life into with all the tricks i have up my sleeve :-) wish me luck
I have kitten napped these five from a shed in an allotment, woman allotment holder knows i have em but owner of cat doesn't (yet) and she reckons he wont be happy, have no signed accept form and am in big trouble. Have told her if he turns nasty say i will report him to RSPCA, council, you name it. Woman going to try and get mum and we will spay her, she is feral, lots of bigger kittens there too and mum cats which he keeps in his garden, nice place but poorly kittens and to many unneutered cats. Left message saying we available to help and that to act now as who knows when we run out of funds etc, also told if Environment health or RSPCA go in the lot will be put down. All rest look healthy just this litter of six to much for mum cat, left one kitten which eyes are fine with mum as woman is going to take home and keep once weaned and its a safe shed where it is. tut tut shouldnt be impulsive :-

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