Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Help Find Hope

Help Find Hope

Help Find Hope
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Hope is a semi-feral dog that was featured on "Last Chance Highway", a reality TV show on Animal Planet. Hope was rescued and rehabilitated in Mississippi, and then transported to New York City, where she was adopted.

According to Animal Planet, Hope ran away soon after her arrival in NY. She subsequently was found in Central Park by Animal Haven Shelter and, is said to have been adopted out in May 2010 to a family in Oneonta, NY. She went missing again immediately upon her arrival in Oneonta.

No Effort has been made by Double Dog Rescue/Animal Planet or Al Roker Productions (Executive Producer) to find Hope. It is our number one concern that Hope be recovered and placed in a suitable environment. Secondary to this is a concern that all of the entities above seem to view Hope as a disposable commodity. She helped to bring them ratings, exposure and advertising dollars, they need to do right by her and “Help Find Hope”.
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